Founded in 2008, EMSPlumbline is one of the few privately-owned, tuition-based industry EMS education programs in Western New York. Terry Taylor II, founder and President of EMSPlumbline, is a volunteer-turned-career Firefighter and Paramedic, and a trusted educator in the region. Recognizing the need for job specific training in both Fire and EMS services, Taylor founded EMSPlumbline to address the need for easy and affordable access to quality education.  Taylor employs the services of experts in the fields of Fire and EMS education to offer well-rounded, insightful education experiences.  This team approach to providing Excellence in EMS Education stems from the core belief that modern EMS training requires a strong online learning component.  However, online learning programs should not be the sole source of EMS or Fire Training.  A blended approach is essential to providing the education and training that every provider should experience. EMS Plumbline‚Äôs system provides a platform that assists Training Officers and Medical Directors with scheduling and tracking not just Core Materials but non-essential training as well.

EMSPlumbline curriculum was built on:
     * National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards
     * NYS Collaborative Protocols for ALS Materials
     * NYS BLS Protocols
NYS BEMS has endorsed the EMSPlumbline CME program acknowledging that it is built to their standards, and that the CypherWorx platform for delivering material and reporting is appropriate and approved;

EMSPlumbline believes that training should be updated on a regular basis.  Online and in-house courses are evaluated by EMSPlubline students and educators to insure the most current and relative information is integrated into the curriculum as soon as it is verified.

EMSPlumbline instructors are trusted subject matter experts in the topics they teach. As a rule, the courses are posted at least ten weeks prior to start date and the student to instructor ratio is 8:1 or better.

EMSPlumbline utilizes a system that assists Training Officers and Medical Directors with scheduling and tracking, not just Core Materials but support non-essential training as well.
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